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 There is so much you can do in this world, even more than you think. I created this website and project, of course with help and guidance along the way, but organizing my club, doing projects, and writing my blog I did myself! You might not be able to create a website, but there is still so much you CAN do. Check out some ideas below!


My website is hopefully a resource and project-idea list to help homelessness. I want kids to understand that they can do things to, along with help! I hope that you find something interesting or that sparks and idea. How do you want to help? Some Ideas are listed below!

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You can do it, and no one is stopping you!  For anyone who wants to help, we have some ideas you can just use or share with others. The blog is a great way to learn about new ideas, and fun things to do.  I hope you can spread the word about helping, and use some of my ideas found on here!

Mountain Climbing


1. CHALK DRAWINGS: This is a great way to show kindness that anyone could join in on.  It's great for little kids, because they can have fun drawing and making people happy. Rainbows, hearts, happy messages... they are all ways to encourage others.


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You can also draw on windows or make signs!

2. BROWN PAPER BAG LUNCHES: A healthy way to help people who don't have enough food.  You can drop them off at shelters, or pass them out yourself to people in need. They are recyclable and non-plastic, a great way to help people and save the Earth!

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3. PAINT KINDNESS ROCKS: Paint or draw on rocks and leave them on your doorstep or in your community for people to see! These are like the chalk drawings, be sure to write cool messages!)

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RAISE AWARENESS: Raising awareness is a small, but powerful gesture. Doing anything like, making a video, writing a blog, even just creating a poster to show to your family or friends. Anything helps. 


5. DONATE: Donate to shelters or food banks.  You can do it online or give real clothes and food, or just money.  One good place is Goodwill. (Look at the donate page for some links)

Donation Boxes

START A FOOD DRIVE:  Collecting Donations from your family and friends are a great way to help homeless people, or anyone in your community. You could collect food, clothing, toiletries, and more. Create a poster, share it, and ask your school, family, friends, and anyone else to donate and help!

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7. REACH OUT TO SOMEONE: In this pandemic, its good to reach out to people in some way.  One way is to write a note or letter to an old person. They are the ones who need help.  They are more vulnerable than others. 

Writing Letters

Here is a non-profit organization that you can send letters to:


Starting a club in your school, or with your friends is a great way to create awareness about your cause. Gather people who want to help, and show videos, articles, and educate them about what you want to do.

Implementation Planning

care packages

creating care packages is another way to help. putting food toiletries or clothes in a bag and donating to an organization or giving it out yourself. to learn about how  a teen activist helps the homeless like this go to links and organizations page.

Donation Boxes
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